A PostModern Jukebox style band PMJ

Friday Blog

SO – it’s the day after Election Day, but things are still all a flurry at MVDB HQ. New tunes are being done as we speak – we got a brilliant version of the Game of Thrones theme – this really gives the guys in the band a chance to stretch their legs (as well as giving our hard working vocalists a chance to rest their vocal chords and heckle).

Well – rehearsals are going well. We have a new secret lair in which to experiment with our tunes! We also have our launch date and night confirmed (more details of that later as we get closer to the time) and the whole show idea is slowly coming together inside my head and slowly being transformed onto legible form!

Been watching a few PMJ videos (as you do) It’s great to watch Scott Bradley and the crew at PMJ go from strength to strength and to continue to great, engaging content, but also seeing music live as it should be!